Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 13 --- #Halloween #casi3mesas

Squad! Well today is Halloween, but I can´t trick or treat, or anything like that... Bummer... and for your information casi3mesas means almost 3 months, because this Thursday is 3 months in the mission, I gotta stop keeping track, that´s your job, I think it´s just gonna make things go slower.  

Oh so funny story, my comp got bit by a dog, well that´s not funny, but because of a mission rule, we have to take a 2.5 hour bus ride to Mendoza 4 times, to get a rabies vaccine... Oh fun! 

Oh my goodness! So remember last week when I told you all about an investigator we found! Well I have some more news, he has attended 2 straight Sundays, for all 3 hours, and participates in the classes, and oh my, this is the best part, after 3 days reading the Book of Mormon, he told us that he knows it´s true without a doubt! ahhhhhhhhh! Why can´t all people be like this, oh yeah because that would be too easy. I´m so happy for him, and I´m so happy for him to be baptized. There is even a chance he can be baptized before the date we have right now, because he attends every Sunday, and he reads and prays everyday! It is so awesome!!! I love the work, honestly, not gonna lie, when he told me he knew the Book of Mormon was true, I started to cry a little, and I wasn't even ashamed. It´s amazing how the gospel has the ability to bring people together, seriously I met this kid like a week ago maybe a little more, and I fricking love him. He is the GIOAT (greatest investigator of all time) not really, because all my investigators are just as important to me.

So I ate at a Burger King today, just thought you should know I´m still living life to the fullest. 

I don´t even know what else to say, it´s been a little crazy. I´m a little sad to be honest, so I mentioned this awhile ago, but I´m in a biking area right now, and bikes are killer on the knees, and well some pre-existing knee problems, have come back,  and if it gets worse I might have to leave Albardon after my training, and I really don´t wanna leave Albardon yet, I love it here. So really that´s the only bad news I have at the moment.

Oh my goodness, so this last week we were in Mendoza for the second meeting for the missionaries in training, to go over some more stuff, and we got there early, for my comps vaccines, and so that afternoon, we got to do splits with the assistants to the Mission President. It was awesome, I went with an Elder named Elder Agyin, and let me tell you, he is un buen hombre. A really great missionary. Anyways that´s really all that happened this week. I love you all thanks for the support!

In these pictures you will see our new district after transfers, me and my comp with the assistants, and I ran into an Elder from St. George that I ran track with, so that was fun, he is the one farthest from me.

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