Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 11 --- 21 months exactly until my return

Squad!!!!!!!!!!!! So like the title of the email says, 21 months until you all can rejoice in my return, I'm just playing but seriously already have almost 3 months in the mission, it's crazy how fast time flies! I am almost finished with half of my training! I still have a long way to go!!!!!! So last week we went on exchanges with Elder Santos and Elder Manuico, and let me tell you Elder Santos es un capo (a dope dude) He is from Brazil, but he also speaks really good English, so he's pretty much fluent in 3 languages, so that's pretty cool, but he is such a good missionary!!! 

So remember a while back I spoke of a 17 year old investigator, with 2 kids living with his girlfriend, well the other day my companion said maybe we should drop him as an investigator, because he wasn't progressing, because he needed to be married, but doesn't want to, well, I told him no, because we can't just give up that easy, but the other day we found his older brother, and he has accepted the invitation to baptism, so maybe this is just what we need, maybe he can help his younger brother progress further.

So this coming Saturday we have a baptism, and our investigator has asked me to baptize him, so I'm kinda happy right now, I'm so excited for him, and his decision to be baptized, he is such a bright kid. Not much else happened this past week, but this week I get to go back to Mendoza, to finish my legal stuff, so that's pretty cool, I love being in Mendoza. I had some more pretty dope stories and pictures, but I forgot my camera, so I will send those next week, and tell you about my experiences! Luckily one of the Elders in my district had some photos of us, so I sent those!!! Anyways all is well, my Spanish continues to progress, I think I'm doing alright. Sorry I don't have a whole lot to say this week, I've been pretty sick, and so it's been pretty tough, but I know that if I focus on the people, and love the people, that things will become much easier for me, because the mission has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the people of Argentina, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is the true Church of Jesus Christ, and I know I will be blessed through diligent service, I do love this gospel, and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to share it every day. I love you all!

Elder Keaton Jorgensen
Argentina Mendoza Mission

1.  With Elder Santos (my favorite in my zone/district; he is from Brazil)
2.  left to right - Elder Santos, Elder Jorgensen, Elder Manuico, Elder Morgan (my companion/trainer)
3.  During a capilla abierta, it's pretty much an open house to learn about the gospel and our church; I taught about baptism
4. Just so you know, I'm working hard (fixing my bike) 

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