Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 10 --- Almost a month in Argentina

Squad! the first thing I wanna do in this email is give a shout out to mi padres, because it is their anniversary today! So this week has been pretty swell, I went into Mendoza to start some legal stuff, so I can stay here longer than 3 months, so that was pretty cool, and we had a bomb dinner at the house of ​the bishop down there. It was my first dinner of the mission. So my mom said I should talk about some weird food that I have had to eat here, but honestly everything I have eat​en here has been bomb!! 

​A​lthough I did eat leftover pig stuff, mostly just chunks of blood, they just cooked it up and put it on bread, it was a little weird​​. I have had some hard times this week though. One of our investigators that accepted the invitation to baptism no longer has a date, because he won't attend church, but also he is 17 living with his 16 year old girlfriend, and they have 2 little girls, and so he needs to marry her, if he wants to be baptised, but he really doesn't wanna get married. It has been so hard, I have prayed day after day, trying to find how I can help him realize the importance of marriage in the gospel, but we can't seem to get to him. However another investigator we have who is 9, is so ready for baptism, and on the 22​nd​ it's going down, now we have been focusing on his dad, who ​receives the lessons really well, and understands everything, we invited him to be ​baptized,   but he doesn't feel ready. Well things are going good, I love you all!

Here are some pics of some of my favorite foods, because they're hecka American!

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