Thursday, April 14, 2016

We are so blessed . . .

April 13, 2016

I can't begin to express how much Ryan Riddle means to our family and the role he played in my boys' lives at such a critical time.

Argentina Mendoza Mission!!! Congrats Keaton...errr Elder!! That face right there says it all! Dudes gonna tear it a good way of course! Argentina just became a way more blessed place! One of the nicest, most humble gentlemen you will EVER come across! Keaton Jorgensen! Man this family just continues to inspire!
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Ryan Riddle I have so much Love for your beautiful family Julie! I hope your beaming and walking cloud high this deserve it!!! That face in that picture says about every good word in the English language!! Love these Studs!!!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dear Elder Jorgensen . . .

April 12, 2016

Here is the video of Keaton reading his mission call.


April 12, 2016

 It took a while, but the call has arrived.

I will probably forget everyone that was at our home for the opening of the call, but I'll do my best:

Mom (me); Grandma Roma Jones; Jim & Jeanelle Averett (and two of their grandchildren --- Sara and Carson); Rich & Becca Bishop (Parker, Braden, Sophie and Janie) (they also had two of the Ah Quin children with them); Curtis & Cheryl Cozzens; Bishop Jon Pratt; Jeff Adams; Emilee Courtright and Dana Courtright; Bailey Lowe and Riley Lowe; McKenzie Thornton; Jayden Larkin; Brandon Yates; Kai Standley; Paris Feltner (FaceTime with Aunt Holly Burnett and family); Neitana Leung Choi and his sister; Jeff Fullmer (Meggin and Jace); Janet Brinkerhoff (Brinley); Jake McArthur; Trent Olsen.

April Fool's Day

April 1:

Note from Mom:  I played an April Fool's joke on Keaton. He was at a track meet Friday night, so I sent him a picture of an envelope with what he thought was his mission call. I sent him another picture with April Fool's Day after he had enough time to tell a few people his call had arrived. We thought he would receive his call this week; hopefully next week.