Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 14 --- Summer in San Juan

Well’s hot.  While you all are enjoying start of winter, I´m experiencing probably some of the worst heat ever, it´s pretty awful, but que bendicion (what a blessing) I´m gonna be honest, when I go back to the pension during the siesta, I am actually dripping in sweat, but that´s not important, what is important is some things that I wanna share with you about this last week.

So remember how the last few weeks I have mentioned one of our investigators a lot, Hugo, well he still continues to impress. Here are 2 scriptures he has shared with us recently that he liked, 2 Nephi 22:2 and Omni 1:26, and not only does he share them, he explains what they mean, and he gets it.  The other day he called us and said "I just finished 2 Nephi, can I keep reading?" He said he wanted to check with us to see if he was ready to keep reading. So I said you don´t need to ask us, you read the whole book if you want. He has attended church every week since we first extended the invitation. I cannot wait for his baptism, everyone in our ward keeps telling us that they see a future Elder in him!!! Oh and another thing, so the kid that was baptized the other week, Enzo, we went to visit him, to start the retention lessons, and we asked how we was doing, and the only thing he said was "I´m not doing drugs" I´m glad he understands the word of wisdom.

So recently ​I've been thinking a lot about temples, because there was a family in our ward here that was recently sealed, and honestly I miss the temple, I just think about how big of a blessing it is to have temples, I wish I would have taken advantage of that blessing more before I left for my mission. It´s just so amazing how we can be sealed as families in the temple, forever.  Entering the temple should be everyone’s goal, for reals it´s a huge blessing. That had just been on my mind recently so I thought I would share.

So this past week the mission president sent us a talk, about becoming a consecrated missionary, and it talks about how we need to put everything we have on the altar of sacrifice, and it says that there is always something that we can improve, no matter how big or small, there is always something more we can do, and that´s so true. I´m really trying to take that counsel to heart, because honestly, I wanna be the best missionary I can possibly be, because I know that if I honestly put forth all my efforts, I will have no regrets when I return, and that things will be easier, because we are promised blessings through diligent and faithful service. Yes this work is hard, yes I have to do things that maybe are a little uncomfortable for me, but that doesn´t matter, because it´s not about me, it´s about the people who are searching for the truth. My focus is to be a worthy, hard-working missionary, so I can have the spirit to be with me when I teach, so that those who I am teaching can recognize the Holy Ghost testifying that this really is the Church of Jesus Christ, the only church upon the Earth, with the fullness of the gospel. This is his church, this is the truth, and I´m so blessed to be able to wear the name of Christ on my chest.

I love you all, thank you for all you support! I thought I´d end with a scripture Mosiah 24:14 read it, ponder it, and know that the promise in that scripture is true.

Elder Keaton Jorgensen
Argentina Mendoza Mission

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