Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 15 --- Glad to be in Argentina

Squaaaaaaad! Okay so I heard about the results of the elections this past week, seriously everyone is talking about it here, and let
s just say I'm glad to be here right now. Honestly I don't know what to write about this week, it's been pretty chill. Well more news on our investigator Hugo, he actually prefers Victor, well anyways we finished the last lesson with him, and he's getting baptized this coming Saturday!!! I'm so excited, he is so cool, there's just this one thing, when we were teaching the 10 commandments, we explained the second, don't worship graven images, and he wears a cross around his neck.  He understood perfectly that the reason we don't have the cross in our church is because we focus on the resurrection of Christ, not the death. He doesn't have a problem with that, but he said it has a different value for him, something person​al​ that we didn't ask too much about, but we just don't really know how to handle this situation, because really he shouldn't wear it, but I don't know it's just a bit complicated, but that's okay, because he has a very strong testimony and I know he will make the right decision about this situation. Oh so yesterdayI figured out how to ​use ​ Spanish, it was crazy. We started talking to this lady outside, and my comp started, and she said she didn't have time, or an interest to listen to us, and my comp was like "okay" but for some reason I was like "no!" and I just started talking, and I actually understood her too, it was kinda crazy, and by the end, she promised to read The Book of Mormon, and pray about, and attend church when she received her answer. I felt the spirit so strong, I just let it take over, and it was an amazing experience, honestly I know that I had some help in that moment, because I had the courage to step out of my comfort zone, I was blessed. It's amazing how much we can be blessed by showing our faith, and taking action. D&C 100:5-7 read it! That scripture is money, and I believe that scripture explains what happened yesterday when I figured out ​Spanish! Oh and my mom is the GOAT because she found a way to get me a package, with pants, because I've had pants problems, and all the pants here don't fit me, all the legs are super skinny and stuff, it's rough so I'm using pants I found in our pension. Anyways that's all for today. Love you all.

Elder Keaton Jorgensen
Argentina Mendoza Mission

So I found Ramen, so that's good because my cooking skills are limited, and then you can see my feelings when I found out Trump really is gonna be president, and then you can see that although preaching is my call... I'm always ready to ball

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