Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 51 --- Man Cake

SQUAD!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all are swell! Sooooo we did more stuff this week so I'm gonna share a little bit if y'all don't mind. So to start off we did an actividad with our ward, called Man Cake, and well only 3 people showed up, but we made an awesome cake, so I´ll send some pictures of that. It also tasted pretty darn good, not gonna lie.

We also did a family home evening with our bishop, they invited a friend and her daughter, and he told us to teach the restoration, so we watched the video of the restauration. I love that video it is so darn powerful. We are gonna do another one tonight with them. The little girl has already attended church many times, so it's very likely that she will be baptized, the problem is her mom, she is a little more stubborn.

We also had interviews with our new president this week, and we had zone conference. In the zone conference our president talked a lot about the power and authority that we have as missionaries, He told us that because of the authority that we have there is absolutely no reason to be afraid to teach, and to share the gospel, because when we are obedient, and we have the promise that as we strive to share with everyone the Spirit will be with us, and the Spirit is a much better teacher than I. I just think about all the people I should have talked with but didn't, because I was nervous, now I just gotta do it ya know. I gotta talk with everyone. This doesn't just apply with missionaries but with everyone. Yall also have the privilege to receive this kind of help from the Spirit. So I encourage you all to be not afraid, and share with everyone.

Also we had lunch with one of the families in our ward, and it was the first time I had been to their house, and to arrive we started with a 50 minute bus ride, then we get off in front of a finca, I don't know if finca is a Spanish word or not that's just what it´s called, and then we walk straight for an hour, and that's how we got to lunch Saturday, it was a long time, but after the family asked a favor from one of the guys workin in the finca, he was driving a semi, with a big load that was goin to our area, so we rode in a semi with a stranger for 45 minutes back to our pension it was sick.

Now to end with a scripture Alma 36:3:

Whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day.

Whatever trial you may face, if you put your trust in God you can overcome all.

That´s all I got this week, Bye!!!!
Elder Keaton Jorgensen
Argentina Mendoza Mission

Well we started off burning the cake, so we had to shave it ya know? Then we filled it with chocolate frosting, and dulce de leche, then we covered it with vanilla frosting, then we covered it with some nuts ya know? Then we finished with some flowers on top and drizzlin a little dulce de leche on top.

Then we have the zone pic.

Then we walked on that dirt road for an hour it was fun.

And members randomly send us home with food and treats it's swell.

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