Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 25 --- New Area . . . . . .

Squad!!!!!!!!!!!! So remember last week how I told you that I was leaving Albardon... Well I left... and now I'm chillin in Rawson. So last Monday when we returned to Albardon, we went to a few members houses, to say bye, it was sad...I have pictures, not gonna lie I didn't really wanna leave, but I know that now I'm needed here in Rawson. Anyway my new companion, Elder Mogollon, is pretty sick, he's latino! POR FIN! I was getting tired of gringo comps. Anyways... we had some bomb success this week.

So to start off our week together, we were on the way to an investigator’s house, and we were a little lost, so we stopped and asked a man for directions... and so he told us where to go, then asked so what exactly do you guys do, and we were like, how ‘bout we show you, so we went to his house, and taught a bomb lesson about The Restoration, and we committed him to baptism! In our first lesson together we set a baptismal date. So that was pretty sick!

My second day here, we went to teach a lesson with the ward mission leader, and we got a little lost... We only walked for an hour before finding the house... We seriously walked a circle around the street that we needed like 7 times or more. Not gonna lie it was a little exhausting... But eventually we did find the house, and we taught a lesson, but this guy didn't seem too interested, it was a little sad, he didn't act like he didn't believe it, but that it wasn't really important. It's just so hard finding people who don't feel the need for the gospel. Ya know... it's like we have the gospel to bless our lives, to bring happiness, to help ourselves feel closer to our Heavenly Father, and when someone says that they don't feel the need for that, it just breaks my heart.

But we also had a few more baptism dates that we set. So first we have Monica, she is really concerned about her family, and guess what there is something we teach that could help her a lot! The plan of salvation! So we taught that, she understood, and she wanted this for her family! So you know what we did, we invited her to be baptized so she could have an eternal family, and wanna know what she said? She said yes!!!!!!!!!! We were pretty darn happy not gonna lie, so to celebrate I bought myself a pancho, it was tasty.

So my first Sunday here... So obviously the Bishop had me talk a bit in Sacrament Meeting, I'm pretty darn sure that they understood most of what I said, so that's always good! Also we had 4 investigators attend church! 4 yes 4 is more than 3 but still less than 5, just so you know that's like pretty good to get 4 investigators to attend church, later that day we went to visit one of those investigators that attended church, his name is Gustavo... He is legit, so he told us that he knows this to be true, and that he has a bit of a problem with drinking, but he told us that he's gonna do whatever it takes to stop drinking, so he can be baptized... so guess what? he has a baptism date!!!!!! We now have 6 in total!

To end I want to share a scripture that is short and sweet 1 John 4:19

19 We love him, because he first loved us.

God loves us sooooo much! We are blessed every day because he loves us, and we love him for this, but you know that saying actions speak louder than words, so instead of just saying we love our Heavenly Father, let's frickin show God just how much we love him. Pray daily, go to church, he's there waiting for you every Sunday. I know my Heavenly Father loves me.  Something I have learned in the mission is that a lot of  people don't believe this, or haven't felt it, and I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to help them feel the love that God has for each and every one of us!

I love you all, and I will talk to you next week!

Elder Keaton Jorgensen
Argentina Mendoza Mission

Some pics with the members day Albardon! We got the Bishop and his family, he's a swell guy, then we got Karla and her Gma, she made sure we had lunch every day, she will be missed, then we got Hermana Montaña, the elderly hermana that washed our clothes and gave us lunch every Saturday, and then the other Hermana Montaña, the wife of the ward mission leader, and one of her kids, then we got Victor, the bomb recent convert, and last Alba, the GOAT (greatest of all time) did you know she waited for 7 years to be baptized, she had to divorce someone, and get married, and it took 7 years, and she attended church for 7 years until she could be baptized! I'm gonna miss these lovely individuals!

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