Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 46 --- Frickin Victoria

Squad!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna start with a shout out to all the dads out there because yesterday was Father's day, shout out to my dad especially because he raised me into the man I am today. So I forgot to include the name of the Elder whose training I'm finishing, his name is Elder Gato, which means Elder cat, he´s from Peru. So my first week in my new area was different, there is a lot of walking to do. We  have 2 neighborhoods pretty darn close where we were, but then the next closest is a 30 minute walk, and we don't have any investigators that live close so we walked a lotttttttttt. Especially to this one lady´s house whose name is Victoria, now I'm gonna explain why I titled my email Frickin Victoria.  Well, we had an appointment with her my first day here, so we walked there it was like 35 minutes away, she said she couldn´t, but if we came by tomorrow, she would be available all day, so the next day we went again, again she was busy, so she said tomorrow again. So again the next day we walked all the way out there, and she wasn't there. So we spent a lot of time walking this week to the same person´s house. We never ended up teaching her, but it's whatever.

So the week started off pretty bad we hadn't taught anyone until saturday, it was neat, we were just rejected by someone, but before they closed the door on us, we just asked really quick who around here needs a little help, and she pointed across the street, and said they just lost their baby. So we went over there, and knocked on their door, at first they didn't want anything at all, but because I have a little experience losing someone that I love I was able to testify about the plan of salvation, and about how the only thing that helped me escape the pain I was experiencing was knowing about this plan that God has for us, and that she can see her baby again. They finally let us in, and we had a great lesson, and we were able to set baptismal dates with her and her husband. It was so powerful to see her realize that she can live with her daughter again. I absolutely love teaching people the plan of salvation; it is such a special experience.

Other thing that happened this week that wasn't quite as spiritually uplifting, we walked into this place to pay the energy bill for our pension right? and on the TV they were showing one of those live prank shows, when they do a prank and film  the people's reactions, but what was so bad about this one was that it was about Jesus Christ. It hurt me to see that, making jokes about the many miracles that he did for the people.

Also we had our last Zone Conference with President Goates, because we are getting a new mission president, and his last counsel for us had a lot to do with finding our eternal companions and stuff, he taught us how we need to date, he said that we need to set a curfew so we don't do bad things, so if any of you don't have a curfew, make one.

Well That´s all I got for this week, I love you all, and I will talk with you next week!

Elder Keaton Jorgensen
Argentina Mendoza Mission

Pics with good ol papa Castro, and his daughter, and then there is a pic with family yacante, and lourdes our investigator, and the drawing is from my pal Ivan, he´s 7 and he's the goat, and a pic moments before I left good ol’ San Juan

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