Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 18 --- Transfers... Finished my training!

Squad... So I'm no longer a missionary in training, I'm the real deal! Also I think I'm gonna tell you all 'bout transfers, anyways... I'm staying in Albardon, so I guess I have to stay in the heat, and it's getting worse, for example, yesterday there was actually a chance we had to stay in the pension, because of hot winds, like it's hard enough to work in the wind, but when they are hot, it's awful, but it's alright.  I'm receiving Elder Kidd, and I actually know his nephew, he lives in St.George, and he played church ball with our ward, so that's cool. So this last week was recto fuego (straight fire). So you know our new convert, Victor, well he is dope! He left to work with us 4 days this week! We taught 10 lessons with him during this week, and the usual goal for lessons with a member present is like 7 and we had 10 with him alone! He is doing amazing! Now we are teaching his Mom and sisters, we taught the restoration yesterday, and showed a video about Joseph Smith! His mom was hecka close to crying, she felt the spirit, we invited her to be baptized when she knows these things to be true! She said... no, but I'm not discouraged, because I know she wants to, and I know she will know these things to be true, I'm so excited, because Victor could have the chance to baptize his Mom!!!!! That would be legendary! So yesterday was Fast Sunday, as you all know, and Victor actually fasted for a whole 24 hours, and he blessed the Sacrament. He is doing fantastic, it's crazy!

Oh and btw we are having a ton more success here, we started really focusing on following up with investigators, because before, a lot of missionaries were really focused on new investigators, but now we are seeing more progressing investigators, and more baptismal dates! Although we are still having some troubles getting people to attend church. It's just so frustrating sometimes, because I know if they attend church they would feel the spirit so strong, and there would be no choice but for them to know that this is the truth, but something that I've learned a lot is to have patience, and trust in the Lord. I know through hard work and a lot of prayer, we can help these people come unto Christ.

Well squad! That's all for this week... It's been real, I will chat with you next week
Elder Keaton JorgensenArgentina Mendoza Mission

This is a picture of Elder Morgan, Victor, and me, before going out to work!

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