Saturday, September 3, 2016

Week 5 --- 1 Month Down . . .

Well squad that is a month down a little less than 23 months left, I'm almost there! So yesterday I got my dang flight plans... and things got real. Luckily we don't leave til about 9 am and we fly overnight to Argentina, but when we get there we have a 14 hour bus ride... so that's cool. Me and Elder Udall had our last lesson with our investigator Daniel yesterday, not gonna lie it brought a tear to my eye, he is such a swell guy, and you can tell he has a love for the gospel. He is getting baptized this next Saturday, obviously there is a chance that he is already a member, because he is a TRC, but from what I've heard from others and the way he acts, it doesn't feel that way, but honestly either way, the spirit that was felt is still the same, and I learned a lot, and I'​m​ very grateful for the opportunity I had to teach him.
     You know everyday I think about all the people that are getting this group email, and the amazing examples they set for me. Recently I have just been so grateful for all of you. Just know you all are a huge reason that I'm here right now, so thank you for that. 

     Yesterday when I got my flight plans, not gonna lie I got kinda nervous, but a swell Elder in my district just felt inclined to leave a certain scripture up on the white board, and later that day, when I prayed for some comfort, I looked up and the first thing I saw was that scripture, John 14:27. Look it up, it is amazing, if ever you feel down or, nervous, or uneasy in any way, read that scripture. It is powerful.

    I love all of you! Keep on Keeping on! Even though at times it might seem hard, remember this in the words of Elder Holland " It was never easy for him" (speaking of the Savior) Put your trust in the Lord, and he will bless you.

Elder Keaton Jorgensen
Argentina Mendoza Mission

So in these pictures you will find the squad with our flight plans, me and my companion with our sweet Argentina shirts, Me and my companion with our TRC Daniel, and the mythical being... The Luchador

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