Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week 6 --- Last P Day in the MTC

Squad my MTC experience has been pretty swell not gonna lie. Although I did somehow manage to get pretty darn ill during my last week here, but all is well, I got some pills and stuff, so I'm gonna be just fine, I think. Anyways this week has been crazy, my departure has been creeping on up me, it's seriously all I can think about right now. This last Tuesday Elder D. Todd Christofferson came and spoke to us about our purpose as missionaries. Teach repentance and baptize converts. It was so awesome, what I got from it was, we aren't just inviting others to repent and be converted, but we need to invite ourselves to use repentance every day, and truly convert ourselves to the gospel, because repentance is one of the most important things that shows our faith in Jesus Christ. When we truly repent with broken hearts and contrite spirits, we can not only receive forgiveness but also strengthen our testimony of our Savior, and become closer to him, and that is something all people need, not just investigators, but also members of the church, especially missionaries, because if we can truly repent, and have the spirit with us that comes from sincere repentance, we can help others realize the importance, and truthfulness of it. 

So yesterday we had to say goodbye to our favorite teacher, Hermana Dibb. She was seriously the coolest person. Her testimony was so amazing, at the end of every day, she shared testimony of whatever doctrine of principal we had learned about that day, and every time, it was so powerful. For her last day with us, she shared with us the importance of loving the people. She told us that our mission will be miserable if we focus on ourselves, but if we focus on loving the people, our mission will be the best experience of our lives, and it will fly by, and at the end it's gonna be so hard to say goodbye. I'm so excited to serve the people of Argentina, and love them will all my heart, and give my all to them, because I know if I do, I will be blessed, the people will be blessed, and I will be able to bring them unto Christ. This is not gonna be easy by any means, but I know if I always look to the Savior I will be strengthened, and If any of you are going through rough times, I want to invite you to turn to Alma 37:37 read it, ponder, and apply it in your life, because I know If we do Counsel with the Lord in all our doings, we can be lifted up in the last days. One more thing, I learned about making goals a lot, and about accomplishing them, I have a few words of encouragement... You gotta want it!

 Love you all! Peace I'm out. Last email for you in the good ol US of A.

Elder Keaton Jorgensen
Argentina Mendoza Mission

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