Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week 3

Squad! Things are going super well for me right now!!! Me and companion are really starting to figure things out with this whole Spanish thing!!! This last Monday we got an investigator and we were told that he was real. So we have had three lessons with him, and he is a super chill guy, and you can just tell he wants to know about the gospel, and has a desire to become closer to Christ. He's a native Spanish speaker so he talks kinda fast if I'm being honest, and the crazy thing is I'm actually understanding him! Let me tell you the gift of tongues is real!! He is keeping all the commitments he makes with us, such as reading the Book of Mormon, praying to know it's true, and praying about baptism. During the lessons with him I feel the spirit so strong, even though I don't understand a lot of what he says, especially during his prayers, I know he feels the spirit, and I know he has a desire to learn. So we play soccer pretty much every day and apparently I don't suck completely, because I have been given the name "The Jorgy Wall" because I'm the best defensive player in the game! People also call me Jorgé so that's cool! Oh also if anyone wanted to send a package, just so you know my room has plenty of candy, I'm trying to keep a figure here, and people are making it difficult... I'm just playing, but things really are going good here. Oh and me and my companion got callings in our zone!!! We are the online coordinators! We honestly don't do that much with the calling, but it is the most important calling in the zone, I think, but probably not, any way if anyone wanted to send me letters I wouldn't mind it's nice to get those kinda things, well that's all I got for you today! Love you all, keep on keeping on!

Elder Jorgensen 

Yeah our district is pretty grand with ping pong and all, and the other pic is batman (The Elder's name is actually Elder Batman no joke) fighting el Luchador

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